Anime History and styles


Anime is a vibrant graphic representation of any image. ‘Anime’, a Japanese word is analogous to animation. Anime was first used in movies dating back to 1917. Oten Shimokawa, Jun’ichi Kouchi and Seitaro Kitayama are commonly referred to as the father of Anime.
Anime has a diverse style, vivid fashion, and a brilliant gesture. Their fighting style is unique, every move done by them is energetic being elegant at the same time. Their development is based on the perfectness on every aspect of inner as well as outer beauty.
The whole anime squad is different on their own in terms of looks, haircut, emotional availability, however, a few features are common in them that makes them fall under a single category of Anime.
Anime had a lot of variation among themselves when it comes to action, drama, horror, fantasy or anything beyond that. Some major genres are Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi. They are further divided into subgenres like kids anime, martial arts, historical anime, harem, demon, ecchi, and hentai.


Types of anime

Kids genres are designed especially for kids under 12. Some famous kids anime are Pokemon, Doraemon, Digimon.
Martial arts anime are related to training and fighting. Here they are depicted with major talent in hand to hand combat to armed combat, sword fighting and much more. These are basically action intensive and involves thrilling moves. Some famous series is Dragon ball z, History’s strongest Disciple to name a few.
Historical anime focuses on the history of japan. Few famous examples under these genres are Samurai Champloo, the rose of versailles, etc. Harem anime typically consists of a reluctant male member surrounded by more than a few females, all who like him. A few examples under these genres are to Love Ru, High school love, etc. Demon genres include horrifying beasts, ghosts, and demon-like figures. Chrono crusade, Blue exorcist are famous demon anime genre.
Ecchi anime consists of a mild sexual scene that is accepted by the general public. This genre is a perfect blend of comedy and mild sexual content. Saekano and Shimoneta are two famous ecchi anime genre. There is another genre that is full of sexuality and seductive scenes with no comedy. This kind of genre is named as hentai.

Ecchi anime

Sexually explicit anime

The Hentai genre is characterized by sexually explicit images and plots. Hentai has its origin in Japan. It comes under anime and manga genre. It means a change in the shape and appearance of sexual parts.
Hentai developers make their hentai anime appearance as most attracting and desirable in a sexual context. Outside Japan, hentai is considered as cartoon porn. The younger generation is much more inclined to hentai than other porn. The climax, exact body shape, and a variety of sub-genres under hentai make them unique as well as on-demand.
A few categories under this category are as Yaoi, Yuri, Harem, Megane, Incest, Fetish, etc. people can enjoy this anime by hentai comics, hentai games like Peppermint: candy sex monster experiment, cunt wars and, hentai porn sites like Hentaistream, hentai freak to name a few.
Anime is popular nowadays from a teen to an adult. Anime industries had boomed and spread their business all around the world.


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